Each product on Pacific NW Boater TESTED has been used aboard our own boat or a friend's boat, whether it's a product that has been designed by us or manufactured by another company. We're not professional captains being paid to endorse a product. We're a liveaboard/workaboard family in the incomparably beautiful Pacific NW, using our boat 24/7, 365 days a year. You can trust our Pacific NW Boater TESTED Products are being used in the marine environment they were designed for. Now you can buy with confidence!

More products and videos are coming! If you have a product you'd like us to test, just drop us an email. We'll use it. If we like it, we'll make a video and sell it right here in our store. 

TESTED Boat Products

The Boat Geeks - New Boating Podcast

by Darren OBrien March 06, 2024

Two average guys - one a newbie, the other an old salt - who love boats, and talking all about boats. They are The Boat Geeks!

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ULTRA Anchors - Not just another pretty face!

by Darren OBrien January 17, 2024

We tested an ULTRA Anchor on a charter catamaran in Tahiti a few years ago, and were summarily impressed with the anchor's performance. In particular, it securely held one blustery night where quite a few of the other boats in our anchorage dragged overnight. Granted, the boat we were on was brand new and had many luxury conveniences (a working ice maker on the fridge!), but the anchor certainly proved to be much more than the proverbial pretty face.

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How to Keep Water Out of Your Fuel Tank

by Darren OBrien January 02, 2024

There is a common misconception among boaters in North America that because the gas and diesel we buy is essentially the cleanest in the world, we needn't worry about the dreaded "water-in-the-fuel" problem encountered in other countries. And though the fuels we buy in the U.S. and Canada are typically fine, once we have it in our tanks we still need to guard against water contamination and the subsequent problems those can manifest in our engines down the road.

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