Each product on Pacific NW Boater TESTED has been used aboard our own boat or a friend's boat, whether it's a product that has been designed by us or manufactured by another company. We're not professional captains being paid to endorse a product. We're a liveaboard/workaboard family in the incomparably beautiful Pacific NW, using our boat 24/7, 365 days a year. You can trust our Pacific NW Boater TESTED Products are being used in the marine environment they were designed for. Now you can buy with confidence!

More products and videos are coming! If you have a product you'd like us to test, just drop us an email. We'll use it. If we like it, we'll make a video and sell it right here in our store. 

TESTED Boat Products

Does anyone really need wireless radar?

by Darren O'Brien November 02, 2018

Technically, we don't even really need radar, let alone wireless radar. We could just stay put when it's foggy, only venturing out when it's clear, calm, and only during daylight hours. But we like to use our boat year 'round, and we don't want to wait for fog to lift in order to get somewhere. So we definitely want radar. But did we need it to be wireless? Read more to get $250 OFF MSRP.

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Dyneema® Improves Flat Rope Reel

by Darren O'Brien April 26, 2017 1 Comment

Recently, the Ultraline Flat Rope Reel (formerly known as the Quickline Flat Rope & Reel) has been rebranded and improved, replacing the old polypropylene line with the far superior Dyneema® floating line.

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Are Carbon Foam Batteries Really Better?

by Darren O'Brien January 04, 2017 1 Comment

Two years ago we started researching batteries, as we knew we would have to replace our aging battery bank. As we had an 800-mile trip to make that summer, we wanted the most amperage (bang) for the buck. We found the Oasis batteries and read as much as we could.

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