The Boat Geeks - New Boating Podcast

by Darren OBrien March 06, 2024

The Boat Geeks - New Boating Podcast

Two average guys - one a newbie, the other an old salt - who love boats, and talking all about boats. They are The Boat Geeks!

Pacific NW Boater/Boater Tested's own Darren O'Brien has teamed up with Daeron Katz, a 15-year podcasting veteran, to create new show for boating enthusiasts. Launched in January, they have released four full episodes and a number of bonus videos, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook/Instagram Reels. Full shows are also published as audio-only and are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and wherever you get your podcasts. New shows are released on the 1st and 15th of every month.

The Boat Geeks focus is on anything boating-related. And while that may sound like a generalization, the two Ds are finding there is a never ending source of interesting topics to discuss. Here's a partial list of released/scheduled full episodes and bonus videos:

1/23/24 - Jennifer Siva Redmond - Liveaboard Sailor/Author

2/1/24 - Bob Wise - President, Recreational Boating Association of Washington (RBAW)

2/4-6/24 - Seattle Boat Show videos

2/15/24 - Jesse Wiegel - Race Boss, Race to Alaska (R2AK)

3/1/24 - Bruce Schwab - Vendee Solo Ocean Race, Owner Ocean Planet Energy

3/8/24 - Chuck Laguna - Owner, H2Out (Fuel Guards, Space Dryers)

3/15/24 - Kirsten Neuschafer - Winner, 2022/23 Golden Globe Race

3/22/24 - Matt Steverson - the Duracell Project

3/29/24 - Darren Austin, OnBuoy SPC (PNW Moorage Community)

4/1/24 - Jake Beattie - CEO, Northwest Maritime Center

4/8/24 - Nico Jensen and Aaron Wenholz - Longship Marine

4/15/24 - George Harris - President/CEO, NW Marine Trade Association (NMTA)

4/22/24 - Eugene Madayag - Marina Manager, Port of Poulsbo

More upcoming topics and guests include boat building (Trevor Brice, North Pacific Yachts), smart alternator regulators (Rick Jones, Wakespeed), Shawn and Elizabeth Krenke (MV Freedom), Bob Bitchin (former publisher of Latitudes & Attitudes magazine), electric propulsion systems (Matthew Mortensen of ReVision Marine), and a slew of maintenance topics and experts.

The Boat Geeks encourage boaters to like and subscribe to the podcast.

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X (Twitter) @theboatgeeks

The Boat Geeks - Darren O'Brien and Daeron Katz

Darren OBrien
Darren OBrien


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