H2Out Fuel Guard (Air Vent Dryers)

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Small (AVD-2): $129.95  Large (AVD-3): $189.95

None other than marine maintenance and mechanical guru Nigel Calder recommends all boat owners install the H2Out Fuel Guard Air Vent Dryers in their boat's fuel tank vent lines.

H2Out Fuel Guard Air Vent Dryers prevent fuel tank and engine corrosion. They keep moisture from entering the tank, eliminating condensation, sludge build-up, and plugged fuel injectors. H2Out Fuel Guard Air Vent Dryers eliminate the need for chemical stabilizers in fuel and other fluid storage, benefiting the environment. H2Out AVD Series Fuel Guard Air Vent Dryers are easily installed in the fuel vent line of fuel and storage tanks, preventing tank and engine corrosion. Simply replace the desiccant media annually with the appropriate sized replacement media pack, and your fuel tanks and engines are protected year 'round!

Watch our H2Out Fuel Guard Air Vent Dryers installation and use video on YouTube.

H2Out Fuel Guard Air Vent Dryers - winner of the 2012 Freeman K. Pittman Innovation and Practical Sailor 2013 Editor's Choice Awards - have been patented under United States patent No. US D705, 268 S and are assembled in the USA! Applications include the Marine, RV, Auto and Commercial markets.

Replacement media is available for the small (AVD-2R, $29.95) and large units (AVD-3R, $39.95).

We also have H2Out Space Dryers, the solution to keeping moisture at bay in your lockers, drawers and storage spaces.

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