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Works 100% of the time!

Compared to many other "attempts" over the years, the patented Hook & Moor actually does what it says: grabs a mooring ring/buoy/cleat and pulls your mooring line back to you. Securely, without outside assistance or the risk of backing up to a buoy for easier reach.

We've been using the large Hook & Moor for six years, and it literally works 100% of the time.

The Hook & Moor is extremely easy to use and brings your mooring line through the ring and back onto the boat in one motion. Just a simple push or pull with the boat hook and it's done. No messenger line needed. The Hook & Moor's telescoping length makes it easy to operate and store. Stay safe onboard when mooring and docking. It also works as a regular boat hook when the hook head is in locked position. If accidentally dropped in water, it floats. $165 - $199

Available in 3 telescoping lengths: 6-foot, 8.2-foot, and 10.4-foot

Be sure to account for the height of your bow above the water. Our bow is 6' 8" so we have the 10.4 Hook & Moor. That allows us to stand and reach out as well as down.

Shipping: 3-5 days

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