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Same great probiotic tank treatment, just a new name and label.

Does your holding tank make your boat stink? Well... FORGET ABOUT IT!

No, really! With Forget About It for Boats (now called Just Science) from TankTechsRX, simply flush a small amount down your head and say goodbye to holding tank odors. In other words, forget about it! Not only that, if you have years worth of built up sludge at the bottom of your holding tank, Forget About It for Boats/Just Science will actually break that down and essentially "increase" your holding tank capacity! Plus, it keeps your lines clean.

Safe to use on all manual, electric, vacuum and composting types of marine heads. Scroll down for easy directions.

  • Living and multiplying probiotic microbes keep working for months
  • Eliminates odor instead of masking it with deodorizers
  • Cleans the tank and removes hard deposits in tank and lines
  • Turns harmful sludge into beneficial liquid
  • Eliminates the need for frequent pump outs
  • CREATES A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT – Kills disease causing bacteria and produces healthful antioxidants
  • Effective as long as water remains in tank
  • Compatible with salt or fresh water systems

Instead of the simple enzyme/bacteria used in other treatments, Forget About It for Boats/Just Science uses a proprietary blend of 14 to 17 health giving probiotic microorganisms to reduce sludge to water and eliminate odor. It is acknowledged by the World Health Organization to give a health benefit to both your boat and the environment. Works equally well in RVs and home septic systems.

We've been using Forget About It/Just Science for six years now and swear by it. As liveaboards with three people, we used to pump out our 60 gallon holding tank every 10-12 days. After using Forget About It we now go 12-15 days between pump outs!

2 SIZES: 16 oz or 32 oz

32 oz. (1 liter) bottle is labeled TankTechsRX/Just Science for Septic Systems (the same exact probiotic treatment in a larger bottle).


FIRST TIME USE: TANK LESS THAN 75 GALLONS - Flush 2-4 oz down the head with enough water to ensure tank does not go dry.

FIRST TIME USE: TANK 75 GALLONS OR MORE - Flush 6-8 oz down the head with enough water to ensure tank does not go dry.

REGULAR USE: After pumping out (any size tank) flush 1-2 oz down with enough water to ensure tank does not go dry.

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