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The world's first wireless Radar! Works on 2 iOS devices simultaneously!

We installed, tested, and use the Furuno DRS4W on our boat, Traveler. This is the world’s first wireless Radar that you can access directly from your iOS devices! (See video below for an example of radar in use.) With the new FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless Radar, you can do things previously impossible. Simply mount the radome and supply 12V power. Then download the free DRS4W app onto your iPad and iPhone. Now you can bring the Radar display wherever you go. Since the display is untethered, you are free to roam the vessel while maintaining full situational awareness of your surroundings. For example, you can bring the Radar display with you on your iPhone if you need to use the head, or when jumping into the cabin quickly to grab fishing gear or other tools needed during your voyage. Plus, the DRS4W will display on 2 iOS devices at the same time!

INCLUDES radar dome, mounting hardware (bolts and washers), and 50-foot 12V power supply cable.

The DRS4W also overlays seamlessly on the Time Zero TZ iBoat Navigation/Chart app - even in 3D mode! Plus display AIS data. (TZ iBoat and modules sold separately.)

You can also display the DRS4W Radar on the GP-1971F (available HERE) and the GP-1871F (available SOON) C-map chartplotters if you wish to have a more permanently mounted display unit.



  • A 4kW Radar antenna, powerful yet compact in size
  • Extremely economical power consumption (24W, 12-24 VDC)
  • Wireless LAN, first Radar in the world accessible from your iOS devices
  • Exceptionally simple setup and intuitive operation with user-friendly & free iOS app
  • Fast and easy installation process w/only a single power cable
  • Simple touch interface with familiar gestures
  • Vivid, multi-color Radar target presentation
  • User selectable range scale from 0.125 to 24 nm
  • Two iOS devices – simultaneous operation

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