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Boats with internal fuel tanks have overboard vents. For those of us who refuel on the water (i.e., not on a trailer at the gas station), great care needs to be taken to avoid any spillage into the water. Unfortunately, some boats have a tendency to "spit" or "burble" fuel through the vent line during fueling. Absorbent pads or rags can be used, but they can be challenging to keep in place depending on the location of your vent. Plus, you can end up with smelly fuel on your hands and your boat.

The Vent-Tender is a "hands-free" device to catch those small amounts of fuel that escape through the vent line. The Vent-Tender is an improved design based on a popular, out of production older product called "No Spill". Many design improvements and manufacturing materials have created a new, superior product.

Simply secure the safety line then place the Vent-Tender over the vent. Press the attached suction devices onto your hull or cabin sides and begin fueling, monitoring for any overflow. When finished, if the Vent-Tender caught any fuel remove the screw on cap and pour the excess fuel back into your fuel tank. No waste, no smelly fuel on your hands, clothes, or boat, and most importantly, no fuel in the water!

Please note the Vent-Tender is designed to catch small amounts of fuel as it only holds a few ounces. It is not designed to be an overflow device for stopping direct  overfilling.

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Category: boat, fuel, line, overflow, vent, yacht

Type: Vent-Tender

Vendor: Vent-Tender

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