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If you happen to have an older Ultraline Flat Rope Reel (a.k.a. Quickline) and you'd like to convert from the old polypropylene to new Dyneema line, you'll need this fittings conversion kit. The old line (both the floating and non-floating types) were slightly wider and thinner. The new stronger and lighter Dyneema flat floating line is a bit narrower and thicker. For instance, if you have an older 330' reel you can convert it, but will only be able to fit 260' of Dyneema. Accordingly, older reels were engineered to accommodate the previous types of line and are slightly wider and smaller in overall diameter than the new reels. Before you convert to Dyneema line you must first make the reel properly fitted for the new line.

This fittings conversion kit comes complete with all the pieces necessary to make your older reel slightly narrower. Included in the kit is the central hub and lamella, all the surround tubes, screws, and nuts, as well as the teflon outlet bearings and plates. Once you have replaced all the fittings, your reel is narrower and properly fitted to work best with Dyneema line.

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