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The ULTRA Flip Swivel is a uniquely engineered anchor swivel designed to connect your anchor chain to your ULTRA Anchor without the need of additional shackles. Fabricated from 316 stainless steel and hand polished for stunning presentation on the bow, the ULTRA Flip Swivel is uniquely strong, streamlined, and does not require any locking pins or safety wires. Download the ULTRA Flip Swivel User Manual for more information, and see the explanation video below.

The breaking strength of the ULTRA Flip Swivel is typically higher than the chain it is connected to and allows 30 degree rotation with complete 360 degree swivel. The ULTRA Flip Swivel is fabricated with a unique flipping nub and rear bridge; assisting to recover the anchor right-side up into the bow roller. This flipping nub, combined with the ULTRA Flip Swivels rotation and complete 360 degree swivel ability, ensures setting and recovering your anchor is an easier and safer task. Originally designed and engineered to perfectly match our ULTRA Anchors. Download the ULTRA Flip Swivel Selection Table or view in the images to find the proper size for your set up.

Hexagonal head locking bolts prevent the need for additional grub screws to secure the swivel pins, and every ULTRA Flip Swivel has the breaking strength listed on the side of its one piece body. Includes hook to secure anchor on deck and prevent accidental deployment. Complete with a standard 5 year warranty, the ULTRA Flip Swivel incorporates unique design features and advantages which makes it the world’s most advanced anchor swivel.

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