Mintaka Star Digital Barometer w/WiFi and GPS

Weems & Plath

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The Mintaka Star dual-sensor precision barograph is an innovative electronic atmospheric pressure recording and tracking system. The compact design instrument serves as a large digital pressure display as well as a versatile unit to display past pressure history graphs. Mintaka Commander (Mac & PC) connects to the instrument via WiFi or USB to view stored or live data, analyze and export stored data, control the instrument and update the firmware. The Mintaka Star is designed for the person who needs accurate atmospheric pressure measurement and tracking combined with GPS data. WiFi capability allows web browser access to the instrument from computers, tablets or smart phones. From Weems & Plath.


  • Two independent, high-precision atmospheric pressure sensors
  • GPS latitude/longitude position, altitude, course and speed stored with each pressure reading
  • Wireless web browser access from computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Pressure units include: mb, hPa, kPa, in Hg, in H2O, cm H2O
  • Graphic pressure history display, past 30 minutes to 120 days
  • Choose between station or sea-level pressure display
  • Portable or fixed location operation
  • Made in the USA
  • Two year warranty


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