Kanberra Spray 64oz Refill

Kanberra Gel

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We have used Kanberra® Spray on our boat for 6 years. It is THE BEST way to quickly and effectively remove unwanted odors. It works like magic in the head! Plus, it leaves a pleasant Tea Tree scent that smells fresh and healthy. We've had many other boaters aboard that tell us our boat doesn't have that "boat smell"!

Convenient 2oz and 8oz spray bottles available HERE.

  • A green solution — reuse aluminum bottles instead of throwing them out
  • Easy to use with new twist off cap
  • Pour the spray into existing bottles with funnel (not included) and recap Refill
  • Flat bottom for easy storage
  • Store in Cool & Dry Place
  • Refill your existing bottles and save more than 50%

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