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Do You Need Some Tea Tree Zen?


The multi-color display of Kanberra® Essential Oil Diffuser will put you in the right state of mind! Complete with a timer as well as high and low mist settings, using Kanberra® Essential Oil this diffuser will also enhance the health of your environment.

Click for: KANBERRA® ESSENTIAL OIL in .5-ounce. (15ml) bottle.

The essential oil has the same signature scent that our customers have come to associate with the all natural air purifier. Our Kanberra® blend of diffusing oils is just another option to make tea tree oil airborne. Whether you diffuse in your home, office or boat or RV, Kanberra® continues to offer you the benefits of certified pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. 

  • 60, 90, and 120 min timer
  • High and Low mist settings
  • Multi-color lights allow you to set the mood you seek
  • Just add some drops of our unique blend of Tree Tea oil and slip away into bliss

If you are new to essential oils, check out the "Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils"

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