Hook & Moor

Pacific NW Boater TESTED

Works 100% of the time!

Compared to many other "attempts" over the years, the patented Hook & Moor actually does what it says: grabs a mooring ring/buoy/cleat and pulls your mooring line back to you. Securely, without outside assistance or the risk of backing up to a buoy for easier reach.

We've been using the large Hook & Moor for seven years, and it literally works 100% of the time.

The Hook & Moor is extremely easy to use and brings your mooring line through the ring and back onto the boat in one well engineered motion. Just a simple push or pull with the boat hook and it's done. No messenger line needed. The Hook & Moor's telescoping length makes it easy to operate and store. Stay safe onboard when mooring and docking. It also works as a regular boat hook when the hook head is in locked position. If accidentally dropped in water, it floats. Just $199 for the perfect mooring hook!

Currently we only have available the 10.4-foot model. However, that model telescopes from 3.7-feet to 6.8-feet on the second setting, and the full 10.4 feet when completely extended.

Be sure to account for the height of your bow above the water. Our bow is 6' 8" so we have the 10.4 Hook & Moor. That allows us to stand and reach out as well as down.

Shipping: 3-5 days (with apologies to our Canadian customers, as International shipping is so expensive!)

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