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Lamp Fuel  - $26.99

Odorless and smokeless when used as directed, this is the cleanest burning lamp fuel available for our Weems & Plath Brass Yacht Lamps. Our exclusive blend of highly refined liquid waxes is formulated to standards far above other lamp oils. This lamp fuel eliminates sooty build-up commonly associated with kerosene fuel. It is safe to use with a high flashpoint and is not considered a hazardous material by most shipping agents. 

  • Flashpoint over 200 °s F (93.3 °s C)
  • One quart (32 oz.) plastic container

 Replacement Pack of 3 Wicks - $12.99

This package of three spare wicks fits any of the Weems & Plath oil Yacht Lamps. It's important to use the proper wick to ensure that the lamps burn cleanly and efficiently.


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