Edson SureCan (Gas, Diesel & Kerosene)


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This is not your same old, hard to use, spill on yourself or your deck fuel can. SureCan is the first of its kind and the only fuel can available with the nozzle attached to the outside bottom of the can. Your hands will never get coated with fuel while trying to attach the nozzle. Just rotate the SureCan Nozzle down, pull the trigger and feed your fuel tank. With a long enough spout on the nozzle to reach the most difficult fuel tanks, there are no funnels required! The SureCan is made from 6 layers of Polyethylene, with a middle layer that prevents the smell of fuel from escaping through the can. Now you can fuel your machines properly without spilling! (To watch another longer comparison video between the SureCan and the No-Spill click here.)

Available in the following sizes:

  • 5-gallon gas - $54.95
  • 2.2-gallon gas - $43.95
  • 5-gallon diesel - SOLD OUT
  • 5-gallon kerosene - $54.95

SHIPPING: 4-7 days. A 5-gallon SureCan package weighs 6 pounds, and is not inexpensive to ship. 2.2-gallon cans weigh 4 pounds for shipping.

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